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If you have any concerns, state them here. Preferably well written critique, but that's not up to me. Anon is enabled, comments are screened and IP logging is off (for now).

Alternately, this can be used as a plotting post for anyone who wishes.
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I should have known.

[Yeah, no long speeches from him. He's going to just. Stab himself repeatedly now until he collapses and then he turns off the transmission.]
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Those of you who haven't lived here nearly as long may find this hard to believe, but I'm pretty restless, even bored.

Who wants to spar?
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I could pretend to be concerned about what's going on around me. I could try to help, or wonder what's going on. But it's all the same. These mysteries always lead to dead ends. Why shouldn't this one turn out the same?

There's not even any shock value in it anymore...

But what else can I do?

New story. The world blows up and everybody dies. I like that ending.

[The transmission ends, but he comes back to it hours later, speaking into it in an indiscernible tone, with a lot of long pauses.]

Always one step above, aren't you?

Maybe it's not the ending you want, or I want. We can't choose that. But I can choose not to stick around. So...


[Pause, added as an afterthought.]

Sephiroth, want to come with?
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[Kadaj turns on the video to show his body and hair stained in blood, to the point where it looks like it wouldn't wash out. There's a repeated thumping sound, and once he angles it for a better look it's revealed to be a Reaver arm in his hand. He continues to swing it lightly before he puts it on his head and turns the communicator off.]
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Some of us are created with a purpose. Those without are common, and they're quick to die and be forgotten. But when we lose sight of that purpose, we end up no better than the ones without. Lost and blind, searching for something we selfishly want but isn't there. It's wrong of us, insulting to the ones who chose us to have even the smallest role. It's a good thing I remembered mine, but will I be punished for doing other things?

I don't know. Even with her cells, she doesn't speak to me the same way.

I will no longer be living on the streets. What sets Russia off?
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Look at what I got.

[Kadaj turns on the video to show the care package, lifting the camera up back to his face. In his other hand is a peach, which he takes a bite out of before talking.]

I'm guessing everyone else got one too? Oh, good. Forget everything else, as long as we can stay clean that makes everything better, doesn't it?

[He kicks the rest of the package several yards away, a few of the contents pouring out. Finishing the peach, he casts his Matra Magic at the package, several large missiles honing into the small target and creating a nice explosion.]

Enjoy your pretending.
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[Is that Sephiroth looking into the screen? Nope, the hair is distinctly shorter, and there are a few differences that resemble Kadaj more. Only he looks about ten years older than his physical age. He seems calmer, maybe more comfortable in his own skin? Except for the detached, wild look in his eyes that seems to be focusing somewhere else entirely. When he speaks, his voice has deepened too, though it still sounds like him.]

All nightmares come back eventually, right? Except Discedo has been invaded by children!

I say we blow them up.
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It's a sad day when I feel like the only sane one.

What have you seen, what have you heard? Do you think you've lost yourself and can't tell where you begin or they start and what's REAL? What will you do when you're gone completely? You can't handle that. None of you can. I might as well watch you run around and destroy yourselves in your own stupidity as you always do... It's not like you were accomplishing anything to begin with.

Oh no! Discedo's in trouble! People are dying and our precious buildings are being destroyed, and worse yet we're seeing scary things what ever will you do?!

I know. Stab out your eyes so you don't see, destroy your ears so you don't hear the screams and cut out your tongues and throats set yourselves alight and STOP WHINING.
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